Announcement of partnership between Rush Esports and Wekids Inc., debuting as a professional Call of Duty team, “Rush Gaming by Wekids”


Rush CLAN Esports has been acquired by Wekids Inc., a company based in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in game-related business operations such as social media management, community projects, consultation services, and general support towards gamers.

The team roster will consist of reigning CoD champions in Japan, GreedZz, Winred, Ngt, and Nami. They will be representing under the team name, Rush Gaming by Wekids.

Overview of Rush Esports
Rush Esports is a team that was founded by the most popular Call of Duty Youtuber in Japan, HASESHIN, back in July, 7, 2016.


It all started from his thoughts of bringing Japan’s competitive esports scene more exposure. Back then, he brought together 4 talented Japanese players who won against the former Asia champions from Singapore. His team proceeded to win their first major Japanese local tournament, ESL Black Ops 3 Community Cup #1 in July 31, 2016.

Moving forth to October 3, 2016, they also took first place for Black Ops 3 Asia Community Cup #3. Later on they became the champions in the Japanese scene after winning Japan E-Sports Championship 2017. At that point, they were well known for being the No. 1 in the country.

From the outstanding tournament results came with great fame. GreedZz’s livestream on Twitch at one point at over 3,000 concurrent viewers.

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS2017), they had an exhibition match with another local professional Call of Duty team, SCARZ. The match brought forth hundreds of fans around the stage, showing the amount of attention that Call of Duty and esports is receiving in Japan.


Thoughts from Wekids Representative – CEO, Nishitani Ulara


Wekids Inc. is on the phase of entering its 4th year as a startup company and we have never changed our original vision. We aim to facilitate the growth of games and gamers alike in Japan. We take game-related business operations and the status of professional gamers seriously as they bring in many fundamental values in business that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without them.

Regarding the activities that the team will take part of from this point onwards, they will continue to do what they do best, gaming.

Aside from participating in tournaments and creating content through livestreams and Youtube, there will be an online shop where fans will be able to purchase Rush Gaming goods alongside with existing Wekids apparel through various convenient payment methods.
This sets the beginning of our partnership journey and many more exciting moments await.The development of esports in Japan, the change in impressions local people have towards gamers, it is all about to take a huge turn.

CEO Nishitani Ulara

Wekids Twitter Account

What is esports?
Esports, otherwise known as electronic sports, are a form of competition that takes place in the virtual world through the PCs that professional gamers take control of. This industry has seen a huge boom in the recent years, especially in the West and Korea.
Professional gamers are now seen on the same level as athletes as they have been eligible for Visa as Recognized Athlete.

What is Call of Duty?
Call of Duty is a First Person Shooter video game series that has sold over 10 million copies. Throughout its entire series, the game has cumulated a total sales exceeding 250 million (as of January 2016). Moreover, the world championship for the game had a total prize pool of over 480 million yen.


Players’ Introduction



Known as the captain of the team,
with many experience in tournaments as well as winning them.
Also a popular figure with over 57,000 subscribers in YouTube.
Currently affiliated with an Australian organization Mindfreak as their streamer.

Over 57,000 Subscribers





Known as the ace of the team.
Proficient with SMG (Sub Machine Guns) in the game.
Supports the team from the frontline with an aggressive playstyle with the capability of changing the pace of the game all by himself.

Over 15,000 Subscribers






Proficient in AR (Assault Rifle) in the game. Known for his competitive spirit and supporting skills from mid-range combat.
Tends to perform outstandingly in live tournaments and clutches during the most disadvantageous situations imaginable.

Over 10,000 Subscribers





Known for his proficient use of AR (Assault Rifle) from mid-range combat.
Focuses on objectives and is capable of adapting into optimal positions in-game whenever necessary.
Formerly worked full-time but stopped and became determined to focus on Call of Duty.

Over 2,000 Subscribers



【Launch Celebration Campaign】

As celebration for the official launch of Rush Gaming by Wekids,we will be holding a giveaway of a custom controller made from a brand used by 90% of console players around the world – SCUF Gaming!

For more information, visit Rush Gaming’s official Twitter account here –



【Company Overview】

Establishment : 2014 August
Representative : CEO, Nishitani Ulara
Location : First Office, 150-0034, Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Daikanyama-cho 11-1
Business Model: Game-related business, business consultation, marketing support
URL  :