#3 Lifehack – Improving your quality of life through games



Life is a game. You can feel the improvement of yourself through leveling up.

ーーーSo, how did you decide to join Wekids?

Tsukasa My boss’s husband colleague happened to be acquainted with my brother’s wife. Moreover, my brother and my boss happened to be connected through SNS.

And so, the company also happened to be hiring gamers according to my brother.
My brother has always been introducing me to many job opportunities but I’ve never put much thought into his words.
However, when I saw the recruitment details from Wekids, it was the first time ever I felt I wanted to work seriously.
I expressed my interests to my brother and he helped me set up a chance to talk with Ulara (CEO of Wekids).

Through that meeting, I shared my experiences and enthusiasm towards gaming. After that, it was decided that I’d be working for Wekids.
However, all I seriously did in the past was to play games, so I didn’t have any computer skills.
But Ulara told me that she’d teach me everything, from the very start.

Right now, I work to improve my skillset to return the favor.


ーーーPlease tell me your thoughts on joining Wekids!

Tsukasa First of all, it’s really fun!

Working here feels like playing games, in a good sense.
If there’s something you feel like you can do, then do it and “level up!” If there’s content that you feel like you can utilize well, then it feels like you’ve equipped a strong weapon.
It is fun to be able to see your own growth day to day, like times when it takes half the time to finish the usual work.

Also, I hate losing.
The reason why I’d like to do twice or thrice as much as normal people is because I want to be twice or thrice better than others.
I always want to win against the ones around me.

For example when I was 17, I was determined to earn more money than my classmates.
And I think such characteristic of me will remain the same.

Right now, I really like it how it is in Wekids. To be able to have fun during work, making money, receiving praise, drinking beer… I think there isn’t another company that’s like this.
I’m really glad to have joined Wekids.




The drive that comes from not wanting to lose to anyone; the foundation of his actions

ーーーTell me what you like about Wekids

Tsukasa First of all, there is nothing in particular that I don’t like in the company.

While I respect my boss, Ulara, alot. I appreciate her as a person as well.
I also think of the same for the people that engage in the same projects as I do.
I like everyone here. I like all the members in Wekids.
Everyone is smart in their own way, possess all kinds of creativity. I even feel the same for the people who come for internships. It’s really amazing.

Learning from each other, growing together. That’s the kind of place I like to work in, and that’s Wekids.


ーーーWell then, what do you think was the most shocking moment you’ve had in this company?

Tsukasa So regarding about a project that I’m currently working on now, Ulara showed me a list of games and asked me which one I’d like to become involved in.
It was shocking to me that I actually had the decision to choose which game to do business with, and moreover working with the game I actually decided has been an amazing experience.

To this day, I still wonder what would’ve happened if I chose a different game from the list.


ーーーHow do you utilize your experience as a gamer during work?

Tsukasa I oftentimes am quick to decide whether or not something will be interesting or not to fellow gamers.

Whether or not this will be relatable to the target audience, or if it will become a trend. Those are the times when using the judgement as a gamer helps alot.

Especially when you are content creator. The difference becomes noticeable.
The only reason why I would’ve been able to think such way is because I’ve been playing games for too long.

So like I said earlier in the interview, I may not be the best gamer, but if we’re talking about knowledge of games, I got absolute confidence that I won’t lose to anyone.


ーーーWhat do you think about your fellow members in Wekids as gamers?

Tsukasa I’m really impressed.

For example, I’ve seen GreedZz play Overwatch before. I really admired at how good he was when that game was only released recently.
I do know that he’s a professional gamer, but I really started to believe that some people have talent in playing games.
I show nothing but appreciation towards such talent.
It also made me think if I should’ve spent all my time into the same game to get really good at it.

Everyone here has their own favorite games, which is why everyone feels really close to each other.


ーーーYou’ve been awarded MVP as an employee twice in Wekids. Is there some sort of secret to that?

Tsukasa Perhaps it’s because I worked on something I genuinely loved.

Even though others can be dedicated towards a project, I’m confident that I love what I do more than others.
So that is why, Ulara and the others might have felt that and believed I’d be worthy of the MVP title.
With my passion and determination, I will never fall behind anyone, and won’t in the future as well.
As a result of my determination and from my results, I received high praise from my boss for two consecutive months.

I’m very proud that the first game I’ve ever touched upon has now become part of my career.
After all, this is all from my love of games.




Wekids may not be suitable for individuals who do not have the tendency of thinking ahead

ーーーWhat kinds of people are you looking forward to work with in the future with Wekids?

Tsukasa I’d like to work with people who can think outside the box.

People who are not fixated into one particular concept or style.
Someone who can think up of something unexpected and exciting at the same time is preferred over someone who is good at games and smart.

There are many smart people who are good at games in the world.
But only a few that I’d look up to and want to follow their footsteps.


ーーーLastly, a message to those who are trying to apply for Wekids!

Tsukasa There is no secret in becoming accepted into Wekids.

Wekids consists of people who tend to work ahead of time and always be a few steps ahead of the curve.
That is the true side of Wekids. We work hard, play hard.
This is a real workplace, not some sort of club or place to visit for games.
Are you someone who stays proactive and is capable of engaging in tasks without being asked to?

If so, I would like you to join us.

Your confidence might be torn into pieces by my boss though.
With that being said, it might sound that we are strict, but if you can produce good results, everything will be fun.

Consider reading more about one of our fellow members, Eri.

Person you should look up to: Eri (laughs)






Game specialist

Loved games ever since was born. His favorites are action RPG games such as Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy, and TCG.
He can play games continuously for long hours without stopping.
He was even so good at some games that he would get paid by his teammates in clans or guilds.
Although he can game non-stop for 40 hours, he enjoys sports such as soccer, in which he started before he reached his teens.
Proclaims to be an above average individual when it comes to athletics.
Despite not having any prior professional experience, he is currently one of the starting employees for Wekids.
Day to day, he works on improving his business and computing skills.

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