#2 Keep your goals high! The value of results come from persistence


“Productivity is increased when interests are closely aligned with work”


ーーーDuring work, I oftentimes see Tsukasa using the computer, working on game strategies, doing voice calls on Skype with other team members. Could you actually be Prince Shotoku? (Historical figure, well known for his well rounded abilities and multitasking)

Tsukasa I do admit I have a tendency of doing various things simultaneously.
To me, playing Monster Hunter, watching sped up TV, looking at game guides on the computer, and playing mobile games on my smartphone isn’t much of a hassle.
Basically, it’s natural for me to be doing 3 to 4 things at the same time.


ーーーYou live at 4 times the efficiency of a normal person!
Are there any tips regarding multitasking?

Tsukasa Umm, that is something that has become a habit to me already.

In my way of thinking, I think spending time on doing one thing isn’t efficient,
which is why I developed the tendency of doing stuff all at once.
I constantly think about what I can do while I do something else in the meantime.

Just something people need to get used to.
If anything, it’s crucial to at least try.


ーーーNow, please tell me your favorite game of all time.

Tsukasa This may be a bit weird, but I don’t have a game or game genre that I specifically like.

Although I played a lot of Monster Hunter G, it doesn’t really mean that I like Action RPG.
I just happened to play a lot of Monster Hunter, that’s simply it. Regardless of genre, I enjoy all kinds of games.

With that being said, any game can catch my interest. If there’s something I’d like to play, I will do so.
This is why whenever my boss tells me to play a game I’ve never seen before, or even touched upon the genre, I’m still confident that I’d be playing it for long hours.
By the way, recently I’ve been into a MMORPGs such as ‘Final Fantasy IXV’ and ‘Logres of Swords and Sorcery: Goddess of Ancient.’
As I’ve become busier, those two are the primary games I play nowadays.


ーーーHow much time have you spent on playing one game?

Tsukasa If it’s Monster Hunter we’re talking about here, then that’s a number that I probably can’t even imagine.

I don’t have the tendency of switching off the power for my game consoles.
Whenever I wake up, first thing in the morning would be to grab the controller. I hold the controller alongside even when I’m watching TV, having meals, and playing other games, which is why it might actually be more convenient to count my playtime in Monster Hunter by years.

If you count my playtime through units, the number of digits will be insane.


ーーーWhat’s the most you’ve spent for games up until now?

If we’re talking about the maximum amount, I’ve spent 150,000 yen at most in a month.
Regarding which game I’ve spent so much on, let’s keep that a secret.
In terms of my usual spending in games, I spend just as much as I can while sustaining my daily life. That’s how I set my standards in my spendings.

My boss will get angry if I spend too much on games.




“Fully committing to the company for the sake of being acknowledged”

ーーーShare with us your daily schedule!

Tsukasa During the days when I played Monster Hunter Frontier, I would basically be gaming whenever I wasn’t sleeping or working.
My usual day would be something like work→gaming→sleep→wake up→game→work.
When it comes to defeating enemies in games, every minute and second counts. I would often sacrifice some sleep time for games.

Once every two days, I would report to my colleagues about heading to bed and tell them to wake me up at certain times.

During holidays, I still play games all day.

I don’t really sleep all that much.

The only things that can disturb my gaming time are eating, showering, and bathroom breaks.
I do eat whenever I get hungry, but there are times when I’m too focused into games that there was one time I didn’t eat anything for two days consecutively.
But of course, during weekdays I do get enough sleep so my work pacing isn’t disturbed.
And in order to go home early and play games, I always try to do my job as efficiently as possible.


ーーーGames really do occupy most of your day huh?

Have you ever gotten sick and tired of games?

Tsukasa No, not even for a second.

If games cease to exist, I don’t know what I’d be able to do since that’s what I practically do all the time.
My ex-girlfriend in the past broke up with me because of my dedication towards games too.
Whenever she wanted to go outside somewhere and play, I would still stay behind and play games.
I do understand that I might be taking things overboard, but I have never thought of stopping or quitting, ever.


ーーーWhich is more important, games or me? That’s a troublesome question.
You look like you actually put games above the three main desire in life. (Food, Sleep, Love)

Tsukasa All I really want to do is to game.

I often get asked whether or not I get sleepy during gaming. The truth is, my desire for gaming is so strong that I can’t sleep whenever I start playing.

Whenever I start up a game that I get interested in, there is no way I can interrupt my gaming session or cut it short, especially at the best parts. That’s why I often stay up overnight playing.
But recently, I’ve also started to want to get praised by my boss.
I really do enjoy my job, and my boss really takes care of me and is really considerate of my interests, so I’d like to respond to her care with the proper results.




“Ranks are checkpoints. Overcoming the approach of emphasis in results”

ーーーThe gamers in Wekids tend to put an emphasis in results, or at least that’s the impression I get. When you play games, what kinds of goals do you set?

Tsukasa As for what my goals are in games, it was actually one of the biggest concerns I had thought about in the past.

The meaning behind playing so much Monster Hunter.

For example, isn’t the goal of most games to defeat the strongest boss and collect the strongest items?
As the strongest in the game, that also means you cleared the game right?
Well then, from that point on I wondered what I should aim for.
That is when I shifted my focus from aiming to become ranked in games to becoming better, stronger than others.
I find it fun to be better than others.
If you use the strongest weapon, it is only natural for you to be able to defeat others faster and more reliably.
The more you polish your skills, you become capable of defeating your opponents faster than any other.
Since I was fascinated by such concept, I started to think how I could achieve what two players can do as one single player.
Hence I’m not the type to put much emphasis on results.

My goal gets updated daily.


ーーーLeaving results behind is simply just a checkpoint. What you actually look forward to is the future.

Tsukasa Yes.

That is why, even amongst Wekids, a company that consists of many experienced gamers, I am confident to say that I’m the one most addicted to games.

My boss can reassure you of that, and I believe my job certainly takes advantage of my passion.

I really think that I was lucky to meet Wekids.



(To be continued)

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