#1 Interview with “Tsukasa” – From Game Addict to Wekids


“Matching one’s career path with games”

Hello everyone! This is Chayanne “Shun” Tu from Wekids!
Since the people in Wekids each come from a unique background,
I will be bringing you guys a series of interviews from our fellow members, so please look forward for more!

For the meantime, here we have the biggest video game addict in the company, Tsukasa-san.

Out of all of us, he is most addicted to games.
To be capable of picking up any game for the first time and look like an experienced player without much difficulty is a testament to his skills.
Moreover, Tsukasa is the eldest member in Wekids. He has gained the respect and trust of our people due to his proven track record.
Down to earth and cool-headed, accredited as the one most dedicated to games in Wekids, that’s who Tsukasa is.
What kind of life did he live before stepping into Wekids?
How did he develop his attitude towards games?
And what exactly is a “Game Specialist?”

Regarding “this” and “that” about Tsukasa, I’ve asked him about every detail I could think up of.


“The true value of a gamer lies in being able to adapt to all kinds of genres”

ーーーPlease tell me the responsibilities you partake in the company

Tsukasa About a year ago, I was the Game Specialist for a certain project. As for the responsibilities I have during work, I have done management for official SNS accounts such as LINE and Twitter by doing content creation. Aside from handling and supporting general social media networking operations, I have also provided game strategy and analysis whenever necessary.

ーーーThe job “Game Specialist” is quite a special position in a company, but what exactly is the difference between normal work?

Tsukasa Personally, I don’t have work experience in other fields.

And because of so, I can’t really give an input on how it functions differently compared to common jobs.
First of all, as a Game Specialist, you are often asked to create game content since people are eager to find out how it is like to see from a gamer’s perspective.
I simply just love games. That is where my drive comes from, and that is why I feel like I have the ability to prevail in any kind of games.
To utilize such ability to its fullest, and to create content that can be easily comprehended by players of all levels is what this position is all about.
I joined the company as the Game Specialist not because I was the best at gaming. I joined because I had absolute confidence regarding games and my skills that associate with it.
The first and most important prerequisite for this position is whether or not you have the ability to quickly adapt to any game.


ーー I’m always amazed by your imaginations and ideas during planning stages in projects. Have you always loved games since you were a child?

Tsukasa Yes. I’ve been playing games ever since I was concious of my actions.
I just wasn’t sure if I knew how to actually play back then though, haha.
I grew alongside with my three older brothers who loved games and I watched them play all the time, so it was natural for my life to be revolved around games.
To me, playing in general meant basically playing video games.
Whether it was Super Famicom or GameBoy, I really didn’t have a favorite. I played whatever there was at that time.


ーーーSo games also served as a communication tool between you and your brothers.
Alright, so back when you were young, were you aiming to work for a gaming-related company?

Tsukasa I really never thought of it.
I never thought of my future and dreams to begin with.
I have always wanted to become “someone.” That was the kind of dream I wanted.
You could say I was pretty spoiled or blessed by the people around me. I could buy what I wanted, obtain what I desired.
That might be the reason why I never took the time to think of what I really wanted to do, or become, in the future.
It just happens to be coincidence that I’m doing game-related work nowadays. Coincidence or not, this is where I’m at right now.



“Game is my life and something that I can’t give up on”

ーーーPlease tell me about the first game you played.

Tsukasa The first game I got my hands on was Final Fantasy 4.
Final Fantasy 4 seemed to be one of the more difficult titles in the series, but it didn’t change the fact that I played it a ton.
However, I do remember that I couldn’t clear the game until the very end.
Despite talking about how I played alot and how much I loved games, in reality, I’m not so good at clearing them.
For example, getting to the max level and defeating the last boss, such gameplay is what I can’t clear.
I can’t bring myself to the thought of clearing games, because once that happens the game’s story is over.
Everytime I reach the last scene in games, I always call it quits.
Throughout elementary school, aside from Final Fantasy 4, my daily life was filled with gaming time.


ーーーI can also understand that kind of feeling.
So, what kind of games did you play during your middle school days?

Tsukasa I played anything I could get my hands on.

I just had the kind of personality that would become interested in games regardless.
During my 2nd year in middle school, Monster Hunter G was released around that time and I played it a lot in particular.

I would skip schools just to play it.
My life was basically playing games in the morning and going to school in the afternoon.
I was late to school so frequently that my teacher had to alter the number of days I was tardy for.


ーーーThat’s horrific.
Your parents and teachers must have been very displeased, no?

Tsukasa Indeed, they would get angry, but for me that wasn’t much of a concern.

As long as I could play games, it would all be worth it to me.
I didn’t think of improving my grades by going to school to begin with.
Games were much more important to me than attending high school.
At that time, there wasn’t anything else I would be into. I did like sports though, particularly soccer.
After school and playing games, I would play soccer with other people who finish their work for the day on a daily basis at 9PM.
After that, I would go back home and continue to play video games.
I still tried attending high school through much persuasion from one of my teachers, but in the end I gave up because I would still prioritize my time on games.


Converting Gameplay Time into Happiness

ーーーHow did you do after quitting high school?

Tsukasa By the time I was a high school student, I have been working. After quitting school, I simply continued the work.
I wanted to make money in order to be independent.
I used to do manual labor work for 7000 yen per day. After quitting school, I would get up to 10000 yen per day.
After that, I turned 18 and switched to working in the customer service industry where I spent 5 years at.
I felt that I wasn’t really fit to work in the customer service industry. I would often look forward to return home quickly from work and start playing games.
Nothing really changed. Quitting school, and living for games.
However, the customer service industry I worked at paid me based on results, so everyone’s salary would differ.
I was thinking if I was able to continue since I could get as much salary as much as I worked for.


ーーーIn the end, Tsukasa’s life was still revolved around games.
To be frank, how much did you earn?

Tsukasa For my yearly salary, it would be 20,000,000 yen.

As for monthly, I recall getting as much as 600,000 yen.
That’s the most I’ve received.


ーーー20,000,000 yen!
That’s quite the surprise.

How did you use the money you earned?

Tsukasa I have been saving it!

I mean, for someone like me, money will mostly be used in games or purchasing in-game content anyways.
After becoming really addicted to Monster Hunter Frontier, I no longer use up so much money.
It was an online game, and of course it had buyable content. However, it wouldn’t cost me more than 30000 yen per month to obtain all the luxurious goods in the game.
Although I wasn’t hesitant on spending money on games, 30000 yen per month was all I spent at that time.
Now that I think of it, compared to others who spend money on clothes or food, I think spending only a mere 30000 yen per month on my interests was a highly cost-efficient maneuver.
I was certain on what my interests were, what I liked, so I think was happier than average people.
Afterwards, I quit my cutomer service job, and returned to playing Monster Hunter like I’ve always did.


(To be continued)

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